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July 12, 2012 - I guess I have to go back and change the statement I made in the A Little About Me page where I said I had found Apple's Aperture software to be very lacking and really buggy. Based on the comments made to me by a fellow who uses Aperture and much reading I did about Ver 3.3.1 I decided to give it another try. I do like Lightroom and using it doesn't require any thought. I've found Lightroom 4.1 to be a bit slow and no where near as smooth as 3. Under the heading of For What It's Worth, Aperture is considerably faster and smoother than my old standby, Lightroom and doesn't have the quirks found in older versions of Aperture. Also, there are some Adjustment Brushes that are really powerful. I have to admit I am very favorably impressed. It's still somewhat of a Hunt and Find knowing where things are hidden and what they are called. That's just a matter of using the program until things become secondhand. I won't change the comments earlier on this site just yet -- but.

June 28, 2012 - I think today I will set about increasing the number of People I have on the Key West People page. Since all this is new and since I had such a labor getting three images to work, I'm just not sure it I want to try adding to the page or if I should just build a new page. I did clean up some of the writing on this site and corrected some errors. Am I having fun with this yet?

June 27, 2012 - I am working on this new website since the original was getting a bit stale. The original version was created in iWeb which is/was a very nice application - sadly, Apple has decided not to continue support of the app. I did some research and settled on Softpress's Freeway 5.5 software. Although styled as an easy upgrade for iWeb I have to say there is a pretty good learning curve. Basically, you begin not with a nice template but a Blank Page and build everything. Since there is a lot of choice, there is also a whale of a lot of video and written material to help you on the road. But, having said that, the very brief People of Key West took me hours because I just didn't "get it" from what seemed a clear video tutorial. Now I just have to add images to make it more complete. I'm not sure if learning all this is fun, but ...

January 20, 2013 - Good Grief! I realized the other day I had all but deserted this site over the last six months. Here we are in the depths of winter so it's time to get about a couple of updates. Really, I will very soon. I fear I will have to go all the way back to square one to move forward -- You know, "how did I do that?"

March 3, 2013 - I am actually gathering together material for some new pages, but last night I got the only negative "result" from my MacPro (ver 5.1) upgrade. Here's what I did in the upgrade - I added a SSD on the PCI channel then loaded the OS and Apps to that drive. I then used the conventional Hard Drive for my data (which was basically on there but you have to do some work to remove the OS and Apps) The result of that is a real performance deamon. A couple of examples - boot time to the desktop went from 53.5 seconds to a tad over 34 seconds. Applications open immediately. Work within a project is much quicker ie making adjustments in images in Aperture, Photoshop or Plug-ins for these. My old 2006 MacPro was my learner model and it now is as fast as the new MacPro. I'm debating turning the older version into a server. Here was the surprise - read horror - I got last night when I opened my iWeb software. This was the platform for three of my websites and I was in the process of uploading images for the Oldham Era. I opened the App and was greeted with a message to the effect that "you're screwed we can't find your old websites" That will flat stop you in your tracks! I won't bore you with what I went through but I solved the problem after about an hour of trial and error - mostly error - and research on the web. The answer lay in the fact there was an incompatibility when iWeb files are exposed to Mountain Lion (the current OS). I'm not sure why there was no problem when I originally upgraded but when the files are moved into Mountain Lion there is a problem. There is a small software file which is downloaded and allows you to open "older" iWeb files. I had visions of starting from scratch and that really wasn't pleasant! That's my update for now, but as I said, I am working on adding new material to this site in the next few weeks.