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A Little About Me - Peter Campbell

Name: Peter Campbell

Age: 71 - Yea, an OldGuy

Birthday: January 29

College: University of Rochester

Major: Diplomatic History

And Then


About thirty years later I went back to school and got my RN. I spent next fifteen years as an ER nurse until I retired in January, 2007.


I live just outside Louisville, KY.

My Equipment:

Nikon D3s (oh, Baby!)

Nikon D300 (2)

Nikon 10.5mm F2.8

Nikkor 70-200mm F2.8

Nikkor 24mm F2.8

Nikkor 24-85mm F2.8

Nikkor 18-70 F3.5

Sigma EX 12-24 F3.5

Nikon SB 800 (2) Strobes

Nikon SB 800 Strobe

X-Rite Color Checker for white balance

ExpoDisc Neutral White Balance Filter

Sekonic L358 Exposure Meter

Pocket Wizard wireless units including the Mini and Flex (3)

Printer Epson R2880


Is there anything but Apple?


My Photography

All this began at age 10 when I was given a Brownie Hawkeye camera and later that year, my parents built a small but very serviceable darkroom. Through the years, equipment changed and I learned by reading, doing and just plain taking a bunch of pictures. I seemed to settle into nature pictures (a friend calls them my “rocks and roots.” ) I gradually learned something of photographing people but I always seem to gravitate to what nature provides. Through the years I became a Nikon fan and today a digital Nikon fanatic. My workflow follows Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop ( I gave Apple's Aperture a good trial, but it just never made it for me. ) Currently, I use LR 4 and PS cs5


Have Camera Will Travel

For anyone interested, I am always open to projects ranging from portraits, animals or whatever the client and I can dream up. With rare exceptions, my work will be in keeping with the site name - we’ll use natural light and any shoot will be largely candid. A tour of my albums will give you the idea. I pick projects carefully because doing “whatever comes along” leads to mediocre results and being somewhat of a perfectionist, that just won’t work for me -- or for the client.

If you wish to contact me, feel free to use my eMail address

Copyright 2012

Peter Campbell